From the outset the vision of Global Leadership Academy was clear:

“Establish an innovative learning environment, with firm core values, where young people can grow into leaders who will impact and serve their community.”

Within only a few years, we have seen this vision grab the hearts of students and parents.

End of 2010 the directors of Buchner Propvest donated 7.5 hectares of property adjacent to Fountains Mall for the development of our own school campus.

For the past three years we have been working ceaselessly on the development plans for the GLA Eco Campus Development - a multi-functional facility that will:

  • ensure the growth and continuance of Global Leadership Academy
  • create an environment that will facilitate the improvement of students' academic and leadership standards
  • build an educational society that will inspire and promote future growth in the Kouga Region
  • create a unique and positive learning environment accessible to all communities
  • fashion a milieu in which children will learn to act responsibly towards their environment
  • utilize the facilities and initiate host programs that will empower the community

This mandate to establish an academic facility with the intent to equip and develop future leaders has prompted us to seek like-minded investors.
We see the construction of the GLA Eco Campus as a community initiative to the benefit of all stake holders that will ensure access to the best possible education for its children.

The school was founded by Global Challenge Expeditions Trust - a Christian Missions Organization, and we gladly provide you with the relevant information:

  • Non Profit Certificate:    066-651-NPO
  • BBBEE Certificate of Registration:    IT1586/2008
  • PBO Registration:    930036345
  • BANK DETAILS:               

          Account Name:    Global Challenge
          Account:  9226881986; Bank:  ABSA 
          Branch Code:    334515

We have recently received our NATION BUILDER status which is awarded to organisations contributing to effective change in our country.  The Nation Builder status represents responsible investment strategies, supporting accredited organisations who have developed innovative and effective ways of bringing lasting change to our Nation.

You can therefore be assured that your investment will be put to good use.

By investing in the GLA Eco Campus you will:

  • Connect your company / brand with a successful High School in a world famous surfing community.
  • Directly better the schooling conditions of 250 students and establish a “Community Centre” from where a whole community can be transformed
  • Invest in the greater Jeffrey’s Bay community and the entire Kouga District.
  • Invest in the lives of the leaders of tomorrow, leaders in our community and in our country.
  • Provide children from the Kouga District with a proper education.
  • Provide the larger Jeffrey’s Bay area with a state-of-the-art sporting centre open to the public.
  • Invest in the economic growth of the greater Jeffrey’s Bay area and enable us to help raise the living standards of its people.
  • Invest in a project that’s sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Be able to deduct taxes on all financial support, seeing as Global Challenge Expeditions is a registered NPO.

Why is partnering with us a great idea?

Global Challenge Expeditions:

  • Is an established NPO with a core focus of developing leaders through real life experiences.
  • Is already an effective and existing organisation with momentum and influence.
  • Are good stewards of that which are entrusted to them and are able to grow ideas into working projects.

Global Leadership Academy:

  • Is registered with the Department of Education and fully functional with currently 164 students enrolled from Grade 8-12.
  • Already has a waiting list for 2014 and beyond.

You are therefore investing in a venture that is sustainable and already impacting the lives of children.

All the architects and other experts working on this project have offered their expertise and services either for free or at very low rates. This is an encouraging sign proving that this venture is worth the sacrifice and investment of those involved.

Click here for most recent Progress Report.

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